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Welcome to Realms of Warcraft. Here is a list of currently running realms, and a brief description

Realms of Warcraft Realms List.
Lithordean - 3.3.5a - Fun Server.

This is what Lithordean has to offer:

All In One NPC (does all sorts of stuffs)
Account_Mounts (All purchased mounts added to all characters)
Announce_Login (Announces to everyone that you have come to play)
Arena_Anti_Draw (No arena draws)
Arena_Gambler (gamble on who will win!)
Arena_Spectator (watch the arena)
Arena_Template (special arena stuffs. Not sure...)
AutoLearnSpells (Automatically learn the spells for your class/race upon leveling)
BeastMaster (NPC that lets you learn pet stuffs, even if not a hunter)
BloodMoneyDuel (earn money from dueling)
BountyHunter (Earn money killing players who have a bounty on their head)
Buff_NPC (Free and non-free buffs for your character)
Cheats-FastFishing-AttackAndRespawnSpeed (Instant cast on fishing and other stuffs)
Congrats_On_Level (Every 10 levels receive a reward)
Double_XP_Weekend (Exactly as it says 16x XP instead of 8x XP on weekends)
Enchant_NPC (Enchant your stuff)
Guard-Elite-Honor (Gain honor by killing guards and elite mobs)
GuildHouses (Get cool houses for your guild)
GuildLevelSystem (Guilds compete to be #1)
Killstreak (Keep track of your player kills)
LevelBoost (Extra boosts for vip members upon leveling)
Level_NPC (Instant Level 80 with a level token)
PVP-Ranks (The more you kill, the higher your rank)
Phased_Duels (Not sure but makes dueling better)
PlayedTime (Bonuses for every hour you play)
Profession_NPC (Boost your professions without making anything)
Reforging (Reforge your stuffs)
StartGuild (New players automatically join a guild based on faction)
TeleNPC3-SummonNPC (Teleport stone summons a teleporter to take you anywhere instantly)
Transmog-with-Vendor (Transmogrification stuffs for your items, with a vendor guy)
TrinityIRC (Chat with people in the realm through your favorite IRC client, even from your phone!)
TrinityJail (Bad players get put in jail... Do no cheat)
VoteRewards (Special rewards for voting)

The best part are the bots! Let me explain...

Bots are server controlled characters. There are 3 types of bots:

  • - NPC Bots

  • - Player Bots

The differences are simple. NPC Bots are npc's that run around with you as if they were another character in your party. Player Bots are other characters in your account that join your party and are controlled by the server. They gain XP and loot etc. You can invite them to your party/raid and they will do as you command.

Post all questions, comments, or support issues related any realm here. Also, please provide character name, but never account name in posts. This will keep attempted hacking to a minimum.

Posted by LordPsyan   October 01, 2011
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