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Lithordean - 1.12.0 - Blizzlike Server.
NakedWoW - 1.12.0 - Custom Adult Fun Server.
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Posted by LordPsyan   October 01, 2011

Just like all other free realms, we accept donations. Unlike all other free realms, every item you can get by donating, you can get without donating. Yes, it takes longer to acquire without donating, but we feel it is better for everyone that wants to play, if everything is available to anyone, no matter if they donate or not.

There is 1 thing a Donator can get that a non donator cannot... VIP Status on the website, and a few GM commands in game (Donation of . Good for 30 days). Let me take a little time here to explain what VIP status means:

VIP Members get the following:
.tele command (teleport anywhere instantly)
.bank command (Open your bank slots without the need of a bank)
Double normal XP
lifetime VIP status in forums. Once you make a donation of or more, you are always considered a donator.

You can donate for Gems. This allows you to purchase special custom items in the game from a special donator vendor. You can vote for our server and get Crystals. This lets you buy custom items from a special voter vendor.

The items are the same on both vendors. but here is an example that might help explain why donating is faster. Each "vote" earns you 1 Crystal. Each donation earns you 1 Gem.

Donator Vendor:
Sword of the gods: 5 Gems

Voter Vendor:
Sword of the gods: 25 Crystals.

So you can instantly get this awesome sword (Made it up just now. not really in game) by donating , or, you can vote 25 times (1 time every 12 hours, or in about 13 days).

Want Gems without Donating? Heck we do that too!

We are integrating an advertising service. If you have ever played games on facebook, you may have seen some videos you can watch, to earn stuff in that game (for example: Kingdoms of Camelot will give you 1 gem for each video you watch).

Once fully integrated into the website, we will offer the same thing. Earn a Gem for watching a video. How easy is that? We will also offer other ways to earn gems without donating, such as signing up for stuff like taking surveys, buying flowers, getting a quote on car insurance. This will take some time to integrate, so keep checking the website for details.

Posted by Surion   May 26, 2012
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